Guidelines for POSTER Presentations

The Organizing Committee welcomes your participation in the scientific program of 2004 IEEE NSS/MIC/SNPS and RTSD Conference

Please give careful attention to these guidelines, which are intended to assist you by providing all the instructions you will need.

General Information

1. Registration for the congress and hotel accommodation

It is important that all presenters register on line before the Conference in order to expedite their admission to the meeting.

2. Acknowledge receipt of acceptance

Please confirm that you will present your scientific paper. It is imperative that you send your confirmation after the notification of acceptance so that your abstract will be included in the final program.

3.  Notification of changes

Please notify the  Conference Coordinator promptly of any changes in title, presenter or mailing address. If you find it necessary to withdraw your paper, the Conference Coordinator must be informed immediately by stating the reasons.


The poster sessions for the NSS Symposium will be located in  the Poster Area Upper Level, for the MIC Conference will be located in the Poster Area Upper and Lower Levels and for the RTSD in the room Pola.

There will be two poster sessions for the NSS Symposium the up-down option will be used.

N16 NSS Poster I Tuesday October 19, 11.00-12.30

Setup: Monday after 12:00

Removal: Tuesday before 18:00

N33 NSS Poster II Wednesday October 20, 14.00-15.30

Setup: Wednesday after 8:00

Removal: Thursday before 18:00

There will be four poster sessions for the MIC, scheduled for

M2 MIC Poster I Wednesday Oct. 20, 11.00-12.30 ,

M5 MIC Poster II Thursday Oct. 21, 11.00-12.30,

M9 MIC Poster III Friday Oct. 22, 11.00-12.30  

M10 MIC Poster IV Friday Oct. 22, 14.00-15.30.

MIC posters will be up at all  time during the conference. Installation is allowed Monday afternoon and removal is scheduled on Friday afternoon.

There will be one RTSD poster session (R11) on Thursday, Oct. 21 11.00-12.30. The RTSD posters will up at all time during the conference. Installation is allowed Monday after 12:00 and removal is scheduled on Thursday before 18:00.

The useful area for the posters is 1 (wide) x 1.5 (height) sq meter. Oversized posters will be not accepted.

Authors are expected to be available for discussion for the duration of the session in which they are presenting.


For further information, please contact the chair of your conference track.