Paul Phelps Continuing Education Grants

Deadline for NSS/MIC: September 1, 2004

Description: To promote continuing education and encourage membership in NPSS.

Several grants are available, mostly for tuition in NPSS sponsored Short Courses but in selected cases, also for partial travel expenses to NPSS Short Courses.

Funded by the Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society, for a total amount of 1000$.

Outstanding Student Members of NPSS and unemployed Members of NPSS who need assistance in changing career direction.

Basis for Judging:
Exceptional promise as a Graduate Student in any of the fields of the NPSS, exceptionally good work in those fields for currently unemployed NPSS members and an expectation that attendance to one or more of the Short Courses will result in improved possibility of obtaining a job in the NPSS fields.

Presented each year at NPSS-sponsored conferences in which the Short Courses are given. The awards will be handled prior to the dates of the Conference, so that award recipients can apply the corresponding funds towards covering tuition and/or traveling costs to the Short Courses.

Nomination form (Microsoft Word RTF)
Nomination form (PDF format)

Address nominations, inquiries, and correspondence to:

Alberto Del Guerra
General Chair
 Fax: +39-050-2214333
E-mail: ieee-rome2004@df.unipi.it
University of Pisa
Department of Physics "E.Fermi"
Via Buonarroti 2
I-56127 Pisa