OUTLINE (tentative) 2004 Workshop on the Nuclear Radiology of Breast Cancer

Ergife Palace Hotel, Rome Italy, October 22-23, 2004

DAY ONE: Friday, October 22, 2004, 12:15PM - 10:00PM (including lunch and dinner):

12:30-1:40PM  Welcome Luncheon

1:45-1:50PM    Introduction

Section I.  Breast Cancer Oncology, Biology, and Radiology Background

1:50-2:20PM    Breast Cancer 2004: Progress and Promise on the Clinical Front

                       JULIE GRALOW, University of Washington, Seattle

2:25-3:05PM    Breast Cancer Biology and Therapy: From Patients to Mouse Models

                       LEWIS CHODOSH, University of Pennsylvania

3:10-3:30PM    Mainstream Breast Cancer Radiology Perspective

                       DEBRA IKEDA, Stanford University

3:35-4:00PM    Coffee Break

4:05-4:30PM    Promising New Techniques for Breast Cancer Detection, Diagnosis and Staging using Non-ionizing Radiation Imaging Techniques

                       DEBRA IKEDA, Stanford University

Section II.  Clinical Nuclear Medicine Imaging in the Management of Breast Cancer

4:35-5:10PM    Functional characterization of breast cancer by Nuclear Medicine techniques: from metabolic imaging to receptor specific detection

                       MICHAEL HOFMANN, Medical School of Hannover

5:15-5:45PM    The Potential Roles of New Radiopharmaceuticals in Breast Cancer Imaging

                       DAVID MANKOFF, University of Washington, Seattle

5:50-6:10PM    Clinical experience with a high resolution breast-specific gamma camera for the improved diagnosis of breast cancer

                       RACHEL BREM, George Washington University

6:15-6:35PM    Role of Nuclear Medicine in Early Breast Cancer from Sentinel Node to Targeted Therapy

                       GIOVANNI PAGANELLI, Istituto Europeo di Oncologia

6:40-7:00PM    Functional Imaging of Multi-drug Resistance in Breast Cancer

                       SILVANA DEL VECCHIO, Istituto di Biostrutture e Bioimmagini

7:05-7:25PM    Panel Discussion: Clinical perspectives on the potential clinical roles of Nuclear Imaging in breast cancer management (detection, diagnosis, staging, re-staging)

7:25-10:00PM  Dinner

DAY TWO: Saturday, October 23, 2004, 7:00AM - 5:30PM (including breakfast and lunch)

7:00-8:30AM    Breakfast                                          

8:30-8:40AM    Previous day's review and overview of information about funding opportunities for breast cancer imaging research on poster boards

Section III. Research Radionuclide Imaging Systems Dedicated to Breast Cancer (selected from abstracts submitted)

8:40-10:30AM  Oral Session

10:35AM-12:30 Poster Session and Funding Agency Displays

12:30-3:00PM   Lunch

Section IV. Commercially Available Radionuclide Imaging Systems Dedicated to Breast Cancer

3:00-3:20PM    Update on Gamma Medica, Inc.'s Breast Camera(s), BRADLEY PATT (not-confirmed)

3:25-3:45PM    Update on Dilon Technologies, Inc.'s Breast Camera DOUGLAS KIEPER, Dilon, Inc.

3:50-4:10PM    Update on IS2's Breast Camera and Clinical Results IAN STARK, IS2, Inc.

4:15-4:35PM    Update on Navsican PET Systems, Inc.'s Dedicated Breast Camera and Clinical Results IRVING WEINBERG, Naviscan PET Systems, Inc.

4:40-5:05PM    Panel Discussion: Dedicated Nuclear Breast Cameras: Successes and Forecasts

5:05-5:15PM    Remarks, reminders about paper submissions for special issue of Physica Medica

5:15 PM           Meeting adjourns